Twitter Activity from 2008-04-14

  • Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care? #
  • Played a quick game of TF2 last night and as soon as I put on my headset, my wife said she would like fries with her meal. Haha, very funny #
  • @extralife One word description of my job title…… BUSY #
  • @overbyte Nice comic! #
  • This is going to sound jaded, but I really don’t like sales people that think people are simple sheep that will buy any lame sales pitch. #
  • @trippfenderson This is what prompted the comment… #
  • @trippfenderson Ahhh, they used the word Webinar in their site! Is she a tech person or a sales person? #
  • @extralife Only if you are prepared to regret it later! #
  • @ValerieCatrow Congrats! Looks like teh RVA internets will have another geek! #
  • @Godstories Que? ?
    Godstories is Twittering suspense…. #