Sad Use of Craigslist…. Very Sad


I have used Craigslist on occasion and I generally like the idea of the service. Old media outlets don’t like it much, because it’s costing them gobs of money, but that’s a discussion for another day. Today, a terrible dark side of Craigslist hit the press.

The basic story was this. Someone posted  a bogus classified ad stating that a certain house was abandoned and had plenty of stuff for the taking. I am sure you know what happened. The house was ransacked and most things worth taking, were taken…. even the porch swing!


This is the kind of thing that makes non-techies scared of the internet and most technology in general. It’s really sad that this kind of thing happens in the first place, but now the seemingly benign service has a black mark on it.

The humanity score just dropped a few points…