Down Trees and Whatnot… What a Weekend!

So you know the spiffy 60 Mph winds we had on Saturday? Boy did it make my weekend interesting! So our Saturday started off well enough. We had everything in place do get some serious painting done. The foyer was first on the list and we managed to get the main wall covered and some of the stairway walls covered. This is when the wind started catching our attention. I went outside for a few minutes to watch the trees whip around like one of those weird blowup things that car dealerships love to use to “attract customers” or “look cool” or whatever.


So anyway, a few minutes after going back inside I heard a crack, I looked toward the noise and saw trees branches hitting the ground right beside our house. A lot of branches hitting the ground, actually. I went back out to check and saw this…


Sweet Huh!?

There was nothing I could do at the moment because the chainsaw I had was just too small and wonky for the job. We had to leave soon anyway and this was no small task. I go back in and guess what happens next!? Yep, Power went out. It turned out that a power line pole snapped up on Broad street and all of Innsbrook between Broad and my house was without “the Juice”.


We went out for the rest of the afternoon and stayed out until the power came back on, which was around 11:00, which was fine since I got a chance to watch the UNC – Duke game over at my sister-in-laws house.

While out and about I went by Lowe’s and got myself a new toy….tool, tool, I meant to say TOOL.


I looked at Home Depot, but wasn’t going to pony up the dollars for an Echo chainsaw and the Homelite saws they had seemed pretty junky. This is not a Stihl saw, which is my favorite, but it seemed decent enough and the price was right.

After Church yesterday I got to break it in and boy did I. Cutting the whole tree down was A LOT of work, for one person at least. But I got it done and now I just have to get it out of the yard. I actually had fun doing it, it was WORK, but enjoyable and rewarding work.


One big huge pile of wood. Hmmm, maybe I should put a sign up for “Free Mulch” or “Free Firewood” or something….

By the way, I am sore…really sore!