We staying in a BARN this weekend!



Ok, “Barn” is stretching it a bit. The little cabin on the hill is called “The Barn”. And though it appears tiny and old, things aren’t always what they seem.

Several years ago we found this place and though it was odd looking and had VERY tiny appearance, we looked into it more and liked what we saw. We managed to get a gift certificate for Christmas for a night and used it for our first visit in the fall of 2006. We have not made it back since. Not because we didn’t want to, but if you know me and Mel, you know 2007 was insane busy with house buying and a wedding.

This place is perched up on a hill, overlooking Luray, VA (If I’m not mistaken…). It has a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom that is setup to allow you to enjoy the view while your in the tub which might sound kinda girly or whatever, but it’s actually pretty cool. The place is small, but it has everything you need for a weekend retreat. The owners built it next door to their home as B&B kind of investment and as far as I can tell, they have been very successful with it.

We really enjoyed our time there in 2006 and are excited about our return trip this weekend. We are staying until Sunday and plan to do absolutely nothing! We will have to slip out a couple of times for food, but there are accommodations for you to bring your own too. So we hope to leave twice at the most…

Yep, looks like this weekend is going to be full of reading, maybe a couple of movies, games, talking and whatnot. We planned ahead….ok, Mel planned ahead, which is why we got it for Valentines Day weekend. Pretty nifty of her isn’t it?

Happy Valentine’s Day people!