Something Pastor Rick said… It made me ponder “Truth”


“Life is not a smooth road with the occasional pothole. Life is a road full of potholes with the occasional smooth spot.”

-Pastor Rick

Ain’t that the truth…

You know, it’s not the most uplifting thing to say, but it’s the truth. It’s nice to hear the truth… It can be painful, but it’s also refreshing because it seems like the truth, though the easiest to tell, is often the last possible option for people. People can be in the lowest of lows and when you ask them how they are, they reply with the standard “Good, how about you?”. That doesn’t help anyone. Admittedly, I am just as guilty of this as you are on this one, but why do we do it? Why is a facade chosen WAY more often than the truth? Isn’t telling the truth the “right” thing to do?

The truth hurts right? Sometimes it does, but there are just as many times that the truth is the most positively impacting option available. Anyone ever heard the phrase “The truth will set you free”? To me, that’s the answer. Truth will set you free. But for me there’s a catch, what about those times when the truth opens a huge door for people to walk in and trample you for their own gain. Is truth still the “right” thing to do? Is it right that I might open the door knowing that I am about to be trampled all in the name of truth? I have figured out a few things in my few years on this earth, but this one escapes me.

Withholding truth builds walls, the walls are there for your own personal protection and that protection shields you from not only the bad things in life, but the good things as well. Should I be working on a half wall that I can hop over, but can crouch behind when needed, or should I be wide open and leave my trust and well being in another humans hands?