iPod Touch…I got one and have a few initial thoughts


Yep, my wife really did it this year. I am always talking about gadgets and though I like to own them, I don’t have to own ALL of them. I have been happily humming along with my first gen Nano for quite some time and when we had the “what we want for Christmas” conversation, I made sure to mention that I really wanted an iPod that would play video. I said it that way because I was totally cool with getting a new Nano, since it would play video. It should also be mentioned that I talk about the iPhone a lot. I want one…eventually, but am very happy waiting for a couple of generations.

So Christmas day comes and I am still giddy about my Birthday present, I open a big box and it has old towels in it…..huh, I dig around and find a small wrapped box. Hmm… I open it and yep, it’s an iPod Touch! Freaking awesome! Mel told me she almost got me an iPhone, but didn’t because I still have my Treo 700P and it’s under contract. Didn’t hurt my feelings.

I have been playing with it a lot and have found that I like it even more than I thought I would. With the built in WiFi, I can sit in bed and check email and my favorite sites before I go to sleep and when I wake up. The screen is beautiful and the touch integration is very intuitive and smooth. I even find the YouTube app on it to be pretty fun. Safari works like a champ on most web pages, that don’t need plugins, and oh, by the way, the audio and video playback is great. Naturally.

I am really looking forward to Apple opening the platform of the iPhone and iPod Touch in a couple of months because this device is only scratching the surface of what it can do.

So far the only downside is that when you are using the WiFi to watch YouTube videos and surf the web…. the battery does not last all that long. The good news is that I am doing most of that stuff around the house and when I am out, I am mostly using it to listen to music and podcasts and watch vidcasts, which is lighter on the battery.

I’m not a Mac fanboy, but this thing is downright awesome!


12 Comments on “iPod Touch…I got one and have a few initial thoughts

  1. Congratulations on your wedding! Newly weds! And the iPhone – go Mel! We’re joing the Blog 365 party. I liked your ideas that it will be rewarding and we may learn something about ourselves. Very cool.

  2. Color me envious. I want one but haven’t been able to justify the cost given the small hard drive. Maybe they’ll have a bigger one in the spring. But I’m still jealous. What a neat toy…

  3. Awesome. A friend of mine has the iPod touch too and really likes it. Glad to hear you’re still with VZW, it’s just not worth losing the quality of your network for an iPhone, especially now that Verizon has the new touch screen Voyager.