Biggest Loser…Not Fun to Watch Whilst Eating Ice Cream


 We caught up on the most recent episode of the Biggest Loser tonight and though I have nothing to say about the show itself right now…. I will say that it feels much better to get up off the couch after the show feeling sore from working out and working in the yard today than it does when you finish the show and need to take the Ben Jerry’s container to the trash can, which is what we did a few weeks ago. It’s not a new years resolution thing, but the fitness thing is in full swing here @ the Snowmass compound. We have made some scheduling decisions about how to make sure we end up at the gym more often, we have joined “Daces with the Stars” @ RCC, which will be a workout, and I am going to be starting the YMCA 10K training team next Saturday! So yay for us and whatnot…