VA State Police, Not Just Charging More For Tickets…


This is what some of the new VA State Trooper cruisers look like. I have seen some that have light bars on the top, stuff on the front bumper, antennas, and lots of custom paint. The one I saw this morning….looked just like the picture. I was on 95 North heading to Ashland when I pulled out into the left lane to pass someone. I was already @ 77mph and just before I hit the gas, I looked back and saw the front of this car. I just had a feeling, a feeling that I should ease off and move over one lane. I watched the car approach and as it passed I noticed a big LED light bar in the back window. I knew VA had recently added Chargers to the fleet, but had no reason to think this one was a cruiser.

So a note to all you speeders, not only do you have to watch for the ubiquitous Crown Vic and the occasional Camaro, now you have to keep your eyes peeled for Chargers… GOOD LUCK!