Ron Paul Revolution…


Does Ron Paul stand a chance? I hope so. I am not terribly political, however I do keep up with the basics. Personally I tend to be in the middle when it comes to party affiliation. I see the good in both and when it comes to the political game, many love one side and hate the other. I don’t happen to work that way.

I have done some reading on Ron Paul and find that he certainly appears to be that kind of different this country needs. I remember that “element” that Perot had and always wonder what would have been different had he won the election.

“More of the same” has been the theme for almost 20 years now and I think it’s time to do SOMETHING different. Had Kerry won in 2004, I think I would still be saying the same thing today.

The presidency is not a political game that one “wins”. One may “win” the election, but the ACTUAL point of being president is to serve your country in the best possible way. You hear that…SERVE! Isn’t that the whole point? To serve for the greater good of the country and world?

This party lines crap has gone too far and the general public is paying for it, big time! Ron Paul MAY be they guy, but I am not going to get all fanboy on you. That would soften my point and to be honest I don’t know. I haven’t posted a banner on my site, so I am not on any wagon of any kind.

I just look forward to two things, hopefully I will get the chance to see them.

One – Not having to choose the best of the worst in elections

Two – The elected will actually change things for the positive and Republicans and Democrats will both notice and welcome the change.

So what do you think my chances are? Shall I hold my breath or grab a sign?

Speaking of DIFFERENT… I bet a few people would vote for this guy…


I’m not a MAC fanboy either. I want a MAC, but have no money for such things…


3 Comments on “Ron Paul Revolution…

  1. Read Ron Paul’s “positions” on various issues and you’ve got to scratch your head about his sanity. Just because he’s a Republican against the war, doesn’t mean he’s got his head screwed on straight. He’s just a more palpable version of Pat Buchanan, representing the libertarian tendancy of the right wing. His entire analysis concerns surrendering governmental authority to big business.

    Ron Paul: Anti-choice, isolationist, racism denialist, bigotted toward immigrants, free-market fundamentalist. Sure, he has a good time poking holes in the faulty logic of his fellow Republicans, while pandering to fear and ignorance in the public.