Mints just make it worse!


Have you ever noticed that virtually ALL flavored gums and mints seem to make your breath worse in the long run. Long run meaning 15 minutes after the breath freshening goodness wears off. I used to chew A LOT of gum and I am pretty sure that the “A LOT” part had more to do with the bad after effects of the previous piece, than it had to do with my “addiction” to chewing gum.

Now that I have cooled it with the mass gum chewing, mints have become the breath blast of choice. The problem is that once I eat one and feel and enjoy the “Powerful Fresh Breath”, it goes away, then I need to eat another one to get the bad aftertaste and stale flavor out of my mouth. This will continue throughout the day until the tin of mints, that I threw down a buck and change for that morning, is gone. I am pretty sure that it has to do with the sweetener, artificial or not, but is there a chance that we could be dealing with some crooked candy makers. They taste great up front, help only while your eating them, and require that you continue to eat them until you brush your teeth again. It’s similar to the “Virus scan companies make the viruses” kind of theory. Create the demand ya greedy punks! I think I’m going to grow some mint and chew on that. Stupid bad aftertaste.

PS – Eclipse cinnamon mints are better in the aftertaste department, just in case you were wondering.