Tumblr setup and feeding Kamen Lee Dot Com

So I have been messing with Tumblr today and felt that if I were going to use it at all, it needed to be somehow seamlessly integrated into Kamen Lee Dot Com. I already have a few sites and don’t think I have the time or interest in keeping up with more than I already have. That being said, I liked what Tumblr offered. I can post via email, with the nifty Tumblr share script via Firefox, and the old fashioned way, you know, go to the site and post something.

I started by trying to get a script working in my sidebar that would show my Tumblr Log, but I didn’t have much luck with that and I didn’t LOVE the idea anyway. Then I started thinking about a way to use the Tumblr RSS feed to generate new post on Kamen Lee Dot Com and sure enough, there was a plugin for that! So that’s where I am. 

I can email a thought or picture from my Treo while I am out and about, I can post random links whilst interweb surfing, and I can post to Tumblr. All of this stuff will seamlesly feed my site for all to enjoy. From there is gets passed to RVBlogs, without me touching a thing. I think I am going to like this.

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