Poe’s Pub – My ole’ Saturday night spot


So a while back I used to frequent Poe’s Pub, you know the place, that nifty music spot at the bottom of Church Hill. I started going there for the Bluegrass and it got to be a pretty regular thing. Not many of my friends dug on bluegrass, but a couple did, so I was never flying solo. I got a chance to see a bunch of bands @ Poe’s, but one in particular was my favorite and they seem to have disappeared.  

George Winn  and the Bluegrass Partners, they were somethin else. I am pretty sure all were over 70, but they were awesome in their own right. George Winn has been part of the bluegrass scene for fifty plus years and in the past played with Bill Monroe, amongst other greats in the bluegrass world. These guys used to play every other Saturday night @ Poe’s. I stopped going a while back, it’s been a few years, and now they’re no where to be found. I tried emailing Poe’s to see if they knew, but I got no response. 

So RVA Bloggers, where did George Winn and the Bluegrass Partners run off to?  One of you has to know. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on here that digs a little bluegrass from time to time.


PS – Slack Family is a good local bluegrass group also, they play @ Shenanigans in Northside on a somewhat regular basis. Check em’ out when your looking for something fun to do on a Friday night.