Kwik-E-Mart not in RVA, durnit!


So a while back the Times Dispatch ran an article about 7-11’s plans to transform some of their stores into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the arrival of the long awaited Simpsons movie. I was more than excited and blogged about it myself. I guess I assumed the TD had some inside info and I hoped that one of these fantastic ideas may land in our backyard. Oops, you know what happens when you assume right, well it happened to me. Turns out the closest Kwik-E-Mart to RVA is in the DC area, which isn’t all that far, but I am pretty sure I won’t be making the drive to seek out Apu or anything. I guess my dreams are dashed for now, no Kwik-E-Mart for RVA.

At least 7-11 seems to be sporting Squishee cups locally, too bad Squishees aren’t my thing. Mucho High Fructose Corn Syrup = Yuk.