I heard about this on the radio last week, but could not find any confirmation of it anywhere. But today, well today is completely different. I was surfing DIGG.COM and ran across a link to THIS. Yep a link to Richmonds very own Times Dispatch and the story that confirms that 7-Eleven is planning to convert a few of it’s stores into Kwik-E-Marts to coincide with the upcoming Simpsons movie! I have always enjoyed the Simpsons and as you may have noticed, I have added a Simpsons random quote generator to the site. I actually ran across them both by accident today, I’m not on a Simpsons binge or anything. If Richmond does in fact get a Kwik-E-Mart or two, I will certainly indulge and bring back a picture or two. WooHoo!!!

You may or may not get that one. Mel will though.