House Progress

A few notes on the progress of our home purchase.

At this point I’m starting to lose track of all the people representing us. Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Lawyer, Inspector, hmm, I’m beginning to feel like I’m in a real life version of Clue. All we need is a candlestick and a ballroom and were good to go.

Anyway, we are making progress with the closing. At this point we are a mere two weeks away from C-Day. As of right now, we plan to close on February 28th. This is depending on our Lawyer being ready and the seller getting the last of his stuff out of the house. We have our fingers crossed. We are also wallowing in the pain that is the cost of roof replacement. Ouch it’s a might expensive. Anyone good at roofing? Yes? Then the Contact Me link is very appropriate here. Your help will bring a weekend full of sun, fun, pizza, and beer! Well, the first three anyway. We’ll leave the beers for after we get off the roof. We don’t need to be taping into the shiny new insurance policy just yet.

Other than the roof, we can see the edge of the forest. Mel and I are very excited, but I don’t think it will feel real until we have to take different roads to get home from work. For Mel it will be driving across the street, which I am certain will feel weird. We’re also waiting for the beloved homeowners association paperwork. We need to be sure I can build more than one tree fort and that the love of my life, thats right, my 1970 El Camino, can sit on blocks out front until I get her rebuilt. Pending those needs are met, I think we have ourselves a deal!

We’ll keep ya posted,


PS – Yes I’m kidding about the El Camino, it’s actually a he!